The 6 Worst Things You Can do to Your HVAC System

If you don’t treat your HVAC system correctly, it can lead to a considerable expense. The key to avoiding a costly repair or premature replacement call is to maintain your system properly and know what signs to look for that signal that there is trouble brewing. These are the worst six things that you can do to your HVAC Charleston, SC system that might have it returning the unfortunate favor by breaking down.

Not Changing Your Air Filters

The only line of defense that your ductwork and HVAC system has against dust and debris is air filters. Air filters stop small particles from getting into your HVAC units, and they also reduce build-up in your ductwork that can limit airflow, which can diminish air quality. If you don’t replace air filters frequently enough, your HVAC system has to work harder to circulate air. Over time, that can lead to excessive wear and tear on your unit leading to costly repairs. Or, it can even shorten the lifespan of your HVAC units and lead to having to replace them before you should.

Not Maintaining Your HVAC Units

Manufacturers suggest that you have your HVAC units maintained at least once a year. Although it might sound like a suggestion, it is anything but. If you don’t have your HVAC units maintained, not only is there a good chance that it will require a repair call sooner than expected; it can lead to your manufacturer’s warranty becoming null and void. Regular maintenance is required to reduce wear and tear due to build-up and also to ensure that things are working the way that they should. If you don’t have your system maintained, there is a good chance that you could miss when something is amiss, and spend a whole lot more money repairing your system.

Ignoring Signs of Trouble

When it comes to HVAC systems, ignoring signs of trouble never leads to a happy ending. As much as no one likes to call for a technician to take a look, if you don’t acknowledge signs of trouble, you can soon have a huge expense on your hands. If you hear strange noises, notice that the airflow is diminished, or if things aren’t heating and cooling the way that they normally do, don’t sit on the sidelines. Make a call!

Not Insulating When Appropriate

If you have areas of your home where the air is leaking in and out, you are putting undue hardship on your HVAC system. Insulation not only saves you energy costs monthly; it also reduces the amount of work that your HVAC system has to do. And, therefore, it decreases the overall wear and tear on your units. Insulating windows, doors, and walls where you can is a great idea all the way around!

Varying Your Thermostat

If you are keeping your thermostat at status quo throughout the day and the year, you might be spending way more than you need to. When no one is home, while you are asleep, or if you are going to be gone for an extended time, make sure to adjust the thermostat. When you do, it reduces your energy costs and saves your HVAC output and workload. A programmable or digital thermostat is a small investment to make that will save you big time in the long run!

Monitoring Your Vents

Vents are supposed to disperse air evenly throughout the house. If you have vents wide open in areas that aren’t being used, you are wasting energy. You are also putting more demand on your HVAC units. And, you guessed it, you are decreasing their longevity. Make sure to do a manual check to ensure that registers are shut off when rooms aren’t being used. And also make sure that there aren’t any objects like furniture blocking vents that are being used. If you do have things in the way, then that will cause the thermostat to turn on relentlessly.
If you are good to your HVAC system, it will return the favor. To keep your energy costs low and to increase the longevity of your HVAC units, try to avoid these six worst things you can do! If you should need to have your HVAC Charleston, SC system repaired or maintained, contact Prestige Heating and Air. We can spot a problem before it is a serious one and keep everything flowing smoothly.